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SAW (Directed by James Wen)

After much anticipation for “Saw” (I remember a friend who had a countdown in his AIM profile for when it came out in theaters), it was finally released on DVD yesterday. The previews gave a chilling look at some clown-like creature on a tricycle messing with people’s minds. It didn’t look as fantastic as it was made out to be, and for a while, it didn’t seem like it’d be worth seeing. As mentioned, yesterday was the release date for the DVD, and a friend and I rushed out to get it today.

The acting skills didn’t live up to expectations. The cast ranges from big-time stars (Danny Glover) to the fairly unknown (Leigh Whannell). Despite this fact, I found the acting to be poor during some parts. During the scenes where someone was crying, for example, it seemed as if they were straining themselves too hard to show emotion.

Also, “Saw” had a commonality with another movie, “Se7en”. Although the plots, characters, and so on were different, they both emitted the same message: people should be glad they even have life instead of being so ungrateful. But this deep message didn’t affect how I enjoyed the movie. Just a side-note.

I must compliment the twists that were thrown into the movie. Many things that happened I did not expect. Some parts were predictable, while others were shocking. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat, and I did not lose my focus at any point.

All in all, I give “Saw” 8/10.

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