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Haute Tension (2003) Directed by Alexandre Aja

Haute Tension (2003)

Haute Tension, or High Tension is the story of two students (Marie, played by Cécile De France and Alex, played by Maïwenn Le Besco). Alex and Marie are going to Alex's parent's secluded house for some peace and quite to study. They arrive late, and we can already sense that something is not right. As the title implies, there is a feeling of high tension in the air...and for the entire movie. In the middle of the night, when everyone is fast asleep, a dilapidated truck comes barreling down the unpaved road, heading straight for the house. The father of the family is awakened by the door bell. When he greets the strange man at the door the fun really begins...and doesn't stop until the end of the film. This is where we see the first amazing gore scene of the film, but certainly not the last. for the next 10 minutes or so we are treated to: One of the most unique decapitation scenes recorded, an awesome stab scene, with buckets of blood, A shotgun murder(which the director decided to shorten) and of coarse tension, tension, tension. Marie is lucky enough to be able to avoid the madman, and has gone undetected. So Alex and Marie are still alive, the only problem is Alex is tied up and in the back of the mad mans truck. While Marie is trying to help Alex she ultimately get caught in the truck as well. The rest of the movie is a wild ride of cat and mouse. The ending is what usually makes or breaks this film. While I agree that it is slightly over done, it was executed well. The greatest thing this film has to offer is the amount of real terror you will feel. There arn't any cheap scares, it relies on pure terror to scare you.

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